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Randomelements :: Blog > Posts > A few layout improvements.

A few layout improvements.

After looking at the blog for the past few days I thought that it need a few touches to help tidy things up a bit. I have therefore made a few changes which, although only small, I feel have made quite a difference.


Let's run through the list:

  1. extra spacing between posts to create a greater feeling of space on the page
  2. extra spacing between post title and body - reduces the cramped feeling
  3. adding a 1 pixel border to the left of the right hand pane - assists with the page separation
  4. copied the post edit link to the main page

Change 4 is purely for my own benefit but it saves having to go to the individual post page in order to update any given entry. I think that it is further evidence that SharePoint is not yet a grown up blogging platform; it seems obvious to have edit links readily available and the page layout is not ideally suited to a blog - the blog template is too akin to a standard SharePoint site. Saying that I'll keep plugging away at it and keep making improvements.

I hope the changes make things a bit better on the eye.

UPDATE: one more change for IE8 users. I have placed some javascript in the syndication section (top right) to check browser version and display a link to ad the Featured posts WebSlice to your Favorites bar.

  IE8 Syndication

Note: this will only show when IE is in IE8 standards mode and NOT when emulating IE7.

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