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About me

 Colin Walker

Colin Walker

Hi, I'm Colin Walker and I'm a 30 something self confessed geek, technical blogger and Microsoft software enthusiast.

I have been working in the outsourced tech support industry for quite a while in a number of roles including over 3 years support for Microsoft UK - good times! I am now looking to move beyond my current roles to better enhance and utilise my current skillset.

This blog is an outlet for my interests - mainly technical, occasionally personal - and follows no real pattern (I know, criminal not to have a theme) hence the name; it comprises all the random elements of my online world which I am now looking to expand.

There are always certain topics you will find here including Windows, Microsoft betas and SharePoint but I have lately become very interested in social networking and the web 2.0 explosion so hope to be writing about that a lot more in the future.

The new tag line for this blog is "Expanding my online world" - a reference to my plans to better utilise the online tools available to me to enhance my exposure, the conversation and connections that this blog can afford.

I hope you enjoy your time here and like the things you read but if you have any comments, requests or ideas then please feel free to mail me (the link is on the right) or even call me on my mobile. You could also use one of the other services such as Twitter, Pownce or MyBlogLog - I'm always ready to make new connections.

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