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Randomelements :: Blog > Posts > Why does Digg not have a category for social media?

Why does Digg not have a category for social media?

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Digg is a classic example of a website born of the Web 2.0 ideal with Social Bookmarking or User Filtered Content (as opposed to User Generated Content but that's a different argument).
So, why is it that one of the most popular Web 2.0/Social websites going does not have a category for Social Media?
I can understand the need for relative simplicity versus the chaotic approach at where users define their own tags but there appears to be a number of glaring omissions from the Digg category list. It's as though the site hasn't been updated to reflect the current situation on the internet. As Chris Pirillo says "" - there is only the top level Apple category under technology and nothing deeper. There is also nothing for ANY internet related topics.
What do you think? Do we need Digg sub-categories? If you Digg storied related to Social Media what category do you place them in?
UPDATE: This post has spawned an interesting reaction on Digg itself.
Digg user ReligionOfPeace replied by saying "You want to socialize, go back to myspace" but somewhat went on to contradict themselves by Digging the item anyway - says it all.
Another comment explains that the reason is because Digg is a "technology oriented audience, not a "social" one. I must disagree. If Digg is a technology oriented audience why do we have Entertainment, Gaming, Lifestyle and Sport categories? What about the technology employed to create the social media, the links between them and the mashups?
Social Media is currently one of the fastest growing areas on the web; Digg itself is a social site - I can't help but see the irony in that!


# Nothing Descriptive

I'm working on a few social tool mashups right now with someone... all while attempting to retool and do something a bit different with Gnomedex (not bad, just a bit "more"). I think social tools are good if the community wants or needs them, and if they're constructed not as an X clone, but more like an X/Y/X mashup.
Posted by Chris Something Descriptive at 07/02/2008 22:59

# Re: Why doesn't Digg have a category for social media?

Sounds interesting Chris.
Posted by Colin at 08/02/2008 06:42

# I agree

digg should have a catagory for social media and a catagory for marketing marketing is a huge part of the net and a discussion would help people be more responsible
Posted by Warner Carter Adventures in Internet Marketing at 08/02/2008 22:33

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