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Who should we listen to?

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I heard a conversation on the radio relating to business dealings but thought the following quote also applied just as equally to the way we use the internet:

"People trust each other to the point they unwittingly exclude new and creative thought."

There has been a lot of discussion recently over the value of A-List bloggers and the influence they exert and there is no doubt that we have moved on from the days when the A List were the ones to follow. The web is now far more open and the barriers to entry are lower than ever meaning that more people are sharing their thoughts via blogs, podcasts or video but this does not mean that the A-Listers are dead and buried, far from it.

People still trust and respect the A-Listers - there's a reason they are in that position after all (role, connections, opinions etc.) - but unlike a few years ago we must not narrow our focus to what a few individuals are saying. We must instead constantly seek out new contacts and new sources of information, and social media is helping us do this.

We should not close out ears to those that we have trusted for so many years; instead we should balance their opinions against those of new found friends and acquaintances, new sites and blogs.

All it takes is an idea and the means to convey it then anyone can create the spark that turns in to a raging inferno so in a way we can all be influencers.

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