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Will There Be a Windows Media Player 12?

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Note: if you're here looking for a beta of WMP12 you're in the wrong place and the supposed private beta 1 is a fake. This post concerns my opinions as to the direction MS should take with their next gen media player.
Michael Gartenberg asks if there will be a Windows Media Player 12 in the future seeing as it's been around a couple of years and we have news of IE8.
Personally, I think a new incarnation of a music player for Windows will be a while coming and will be a departure from what we have come to know as the WMP format. Why? Well, the Zune of course. Microsoft's own PMP (portable music player).
Zune software
The Zune is slow to roll out beyond the US - we had it announced at CES that Zunes are coming to Canada this year - and without localised Zune Stores around the world there is little incentive to really push on. Once Zunes are available in a lot more markets around the globe I can see a shift in the Windows media playing environment. I envisage that the Zune software will grow and take over from Windows Media Player meaning that everyone is instantly ready to start syncing with a Zune if they get one. Why have two Microsoft media players on your PC when you can have just one that does it all.
A single player will need a few changes, however. The updated Zune/WMP software will need to be able to sync to different types of devices so that Windows Mobile users are not left out but, by the time all this happens, we could have entered the era of the "Zune Phone" anyway. Now, Microsoft have said they will not be creating an actual Zune Phone but, let's face it, it's only logical that future versions of Windows Mobile will have their media playback provided by a Zune style player on board.
Whether the new version is called WMP or Zune or something else I feel the current player is on it's last legs
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# Windows Media Player
provides latest news, updates and information about windows media player.
Posted by Windows Media Player Windows Media Player at 25/01/2008 09:39

# Re: Will There Be a Windows Media Player 12?

So what's your view?
Posted by Colin at 25/01/2008 10:12

# What is Zune?

I searched for Windows Media Player 12 and stumbled on this article. I never heard about Zune. It's kinda funny to read an article when the content is totally different from the title. Anyway, nice meeting your blog. Regards, Binh
Posted by Binh Nguyen Webmaster Binh Nguyen's Blog at 18/02/2008 11:29

# Re: Will There Be a Windows Media Player 12?

Binh, I see your point - should have filled in a bit about the Zune and had a link. Thanks for stopping by.
Posted by Colin at 18/02/2008 12:35

# When, when, when? Please say so!

Hey there. Can the Zune software player play all the most current media formats because the first version did not? Can it play avi, mpeg, mpg, wmv, mp3, wma, ogg, wav? Can it view pictures of any type? Can it burn CDs and DVDs or everything else the WMP11 can burn and play? Please inform! I need to know cause I love the interface but it needs a tune up. J. River Media Center has a basic all in one interface. I don't want a clone though, just easier maneuverability within the program. Please inform me and let me know about all these questions via email instead of replying to my post alone. Email me at By the way, I have thought about WMP11 and Zune software and what they can do together and if it can match up with each other into one program? If this is so, when can we expect it. After all WMP versions come out every 2 years. Vista has flopped so Microsoft needs to get back windows customers before it's too late. Thanks.
Posted by Charles Abrahams Cool Music info site! Check it out! at 23/02/2008 02:51

# Re: Will There Be a Windows Media Player 12?

When? Who knows. Who knows what will happen - I am just speculating.
At present the Zune player only seems to play those items that the Zune device itself supports and that you can sync over to it. So, no avi, ogg etc. as it's not designed to do so.
Posted by Colin at 23/02/2008 11:34

# Re: Will There Be a Windows Media Player 12?

Well the beta version has already been leaked I have it. 12 do exist and soon will be officially declared
Posted by kashish at 14/03/2008 19:00

# Re: Will There Be a Windows Media Player 12?

Well, I hope you're not talking about that torrent doing the rounds as it's a proven fake (see here).
Posted by Colin at 14/03/2008 20:27

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