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Randomelements :: Blog > Posts > Having second thoughts about my next choice of phone.

Having second thoughts about my next choice of phone.

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As I mentioned before, I'm due to upgrade my phone toward the end of the month but am in a quandary as to what I should do. I blogged before that I liked the look of the LG KS20 but it doesn't appear that  T-Mobile are going to be offering this.
Whatever happens I'll be sticking with Windows Mobile - I find it too useful (Direct Push, Office etc.) to change now. With this in mind there are two main contenders:
  • Touch Dual (will be offered as the Touch Plus by T-Mobile by the time I come to upgrade)
  • TyTn II aka the Vario III
As I am currently using the Vario II the "logical" upgrade would appear to be the Vario III - stay with the qwerty keyboard, but get more memory, GPS and the flashy tilting screen all in a slightly smaller package but is it really different enough to what I've already got? Will I get bored of it too easily?
If I go for the alternative then the most obvious issue is going to be losing the qwerty keyboard. I find myself using it quite a bit to plan blog posts etc. So I wonder how I'll get on without it. I am typing this post on my phone using the XT9 on screen keyboard which will come with the Touch Plus and, whilst it is serviceable, it is certainly no where near as fast as using the hardware keyboard - I don't know how much it would be improved using the keypad with XT9 but I understand that the versions of the Touch Dual in the UK won't be as good as those for other markets.
I would certainly hope that the touch experience would be better on the Touch Dual over the Vario II - if I try to type two thumbed on the Vario II I occasionally get the keyboard or even application close as though I had hit the X in the top corner.
The one obvious advantage of a phone like the Touch Dual is the . smaller profile; it is thinner, lighter and a lot sleeker - much more of a "pocket" phone than the Vario but there are always the compromises when down-sizing.
I'm not sure how much time I will be able to spend in store with either phone before having to make a decision but I'm definitely going to be pushing for as much hands on time as I can before making a choice, after all I'll have to spend up to 18 months with the device so want to make sure I choose the right one.


# Re: Having second thoughts about my next choice of phone.

I recently had the same decision (coming from a HTC P3600). In the end I picked the TYTN II for 2 reasons; the tilt screen is great when sitting on my desk. It gives me easy access to emails, calendar, etc. It's like having a Vista Sideshow device. Secondly, no Wifi which meant I couldn't use WiFiRouter - much better than Bluetooth PAN.
Posted by Simon at 09/01/2008 10:03

# Re: Having second thoughts about my next choice of phone.

The Wifi side of things doesn't worry me so much as, unless I upgrade my plan, I can't tether a laptop to the phone.
We'll have to see.
Posted by Colin at 09/01/2008 12:41

# Don't buy a Vario III

Oh! the greif I've had with my upgrade from the Vario II to the VArio III - I'm a business customer of T Mobile - they've finally admitted that the Vario III is "not fit for purpose" in my instance - their words - not mine !
Whilst on a call - if you wanted to access your calendar - quite simply - YOU CAN'T ! - you have to end the call - go into calendar - see what you require - then phone back whoever you were talking to !
In summary - you cannot access the calendar - while making or receiving a call ! - no good for making any appointments - all this is verified by T-Mobile - and then don't start me on all the 3G problems !!!! - t-Mobiles answer is to take the phone out of it's AUTO setting for 3G - and manually select GSM - just to make and receive a call - then manually change it back again for internet access - Don't touch this phone with a bargepole - You have been warned !!!!! - Joe
Posted by Joe Burke at 30/03/2008 19:35

# Re: Having second thoughts about my next choice of phone.

Sorry to hear about your problems, not things I've heard about but then I haven't been following recent news of the Vario III.
Well, I didn't go for one in the end anyway.
Posted by Colin at 31/03/2008 21:35

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