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Windows Home Server updates.
Mary Jo Foley wonders how Microsoft managed to keep Windows Home Server such a closely guarded secret and it appears that it's because the team responsible asked nicely - cool!
There have been internal beta builds of WHS since November 2005 (and apparently the most recent was "just a week ago").
Now, in the time honoured fashion of "it's not what you know but who you know" it seems that in order to get one of the initial invites in to the public beta for WHS "You will kind of have to know someone to get in" according to Kevin Beares.
Who knows, my earlier call for influencers to be given access may become a reality. There will also be a forum for the beta up on the Technet forums website which will be totally public and even allow non-testers to ask questions etc. It would therefore seem that testers will not be under NDA as that would be pointless.
I expect some really good info to start hitting the web soon. Good enough for you Robert?


# Yes, that is correct, testers will not be under NDA once we go live with the web forums

Once the Web Forum goes live, the dialogue will go from confidential to public. The plan will be tol remove the confidentiality requirement just like the Visual Studio team has been doing 4 Ever, it seems. There is a lot of support from our exec team all the way up to Bob Muglia for us to have a much more public dialogue with the community. There is a lot of value in having an open discussion with our customers. I know we have to balance the need for secrecy with the need for good honest feedback. In this case, we are leaning more towards the later.  Not to say that we won't have stuff to keep hidden. You know that whenever there is a V1, there has got to be a V2. We already have 125 MS MVPs signed up and participating in the internal Beta and we will be definitely engaged in a major dialogue with them with Windows Home Server. I am not sure if you can tell, but I am absolutely excited to working with such a great team and with such a great community! Catch you later,
Posted by Kevin Beares Windows Home Server Community Lead Blog at 07/02/2007 04:06

# Re: Windows Home Server updates.

Thanks Kevin, I never would have guessed about the excitement ;)
Posted by Colin at 07/02/2007 08:35

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