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Will Windows Home Server succeed?
Robert Scoble says that "The problem with the Home Server is going to be marketing". This is a given but where have we heard this before?
It seems that just about every product that MS has an input in (i.e. supplies the OS for OEMs to build systems round) that's not a normal PC seems to have this issue and we all shout "what about the marketing?"
Tablet PCs, UMPCs, to a degree Windows Mobile SmartPhones & PPCs have all suffered.
Scoble says that "mentions of it have totally died off" which is pretty indicative of the way these things go - an big initial push/viral campaign then everything goes quiet.
Unlike Loren I would imagine that the reason things have gone quiet on the WHS front is because we are 6 months away from the release of any products and no-one is currently evangelising them. We know that there must be a few of them around (being tested presumably) as Scoble says Martin Spedding has one and loves it.
But what we really need is for a few of these to be placed in the eager, sweaty mitts of a few influencers and let them both play with them AND (more importantly) blog about them. Don't shove anything away behind NDAs.
I have no issue with it being called a "server" and I don't think that there is any reason to get hung up on this. Just because it's called a server doesn't mean it's going to be a complicated beast to set up. For it to succeed it must be the epitome of simplicity.
People's understanding of what a server is or does sometimes gets a little blurred and many is the time I have heard Joe User refer to another desktop as a server just because they get files from it. This blurred understanding could, on the face of it, make the use and comprehension of a Home Server easier.
The sooner we can see these in action the better and , if they are marketed correctly and consistently, they could be a big success.


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