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Lexmark and Vista drivers - an update.
Brian Doyle left a comment to my earlier post voicing the frustrations that a lot of people are probably feeling at the moment with regards to the availability of Vista Drivers for Lexmark printers.
I was originally advised on 20th November last year that "Lexmark will have Windows Vista drivers available for download from our website by the end of the month" but that date came and went with little activity.
The drivers for my printer (Z640) originally said coming soon, then January 2007 and now February 2007:
 Lexmark status
As Brian says: are we supposed to wait "with a non functioning printer, or do we have to go out a buy another brand of Printer and say Bye Bye Lexmark".
Surely, there's been plenty of time to sort this kind of thing out.
Why are hardware manufacturers waiting for Vista to launch before ensuring their drivers are available? If you are looking to buy hardware and are planning what to get to ensure Vista compatibility then you are bound to go with the manufacturers that have already got their act together. This doesn't make good business sense to me.


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how do i run my z730 with vista
Posted by johnwhite at 17/06/2007 19:57

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