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Lexmark Vista driver delays.
Despite an initial assurance that drivers would be available for the end of November it appears that dates for the release of Vista compatible drivers for consumer products are slipping.
A large number of "Business" printers have their drivers available either on the Vista DVD or via Lexmark themselves but consumer offerings are not so forthcoming. Here's a snippet from the website:
 Driver delays
Admittedly, Joe Public will not be using Vista until the end of January but it would be better to get everything in place early and uphold the promises that have already been made.


# Lexmark P6210 (All In One Printer) - No Drivers For Vista Yet :-(

I have just installed Vista, great operating system, but Driver CD for my P6210 from Lexmark not working, went to Lexmarks website, no Vista drivers.......mmmmmmmmm Tried all other boards an forums and seems im not the only one stuck in the Lexmark boat, so what the F**k are we supposed to do wait... with a non functioning printer, or do we have to go out a buy another brand of Printer and say Bye Bye Lexmark, and never buy there products again, I mean come on...where the customer support Lexmark? Just as well i have a dual boot system with Win Xp on my other drive, so everytime i want to print something i have to boot into XP...not good enough Lexmark, and they knew about Vista (codename: Longhorn) ages ago, just as other pc users did.. Damn shame, think ill wait a week or two and see if Lexmark get there Finger out of there arse's and produce a driver for my printer, if not im buying another printer, maybe an Epson or Cannon, and i cant really afford to do so... Not happy :-( Whats your views folks?
Posted by Brian Doyle at 25/01/2007 12:00

# Re: Lexmark Vista driver delays.

I hear what you're saying Brian.
Considering that I was originally told by Lexmark that drivers should be ready by the end of Nov the continuing slips are increasingly frustrating.
The drivers for the Z640 which I have are now put back to Feb so I'm lucky that I've managed to fudge a working shared printer from my server using the XP drivers but, obviously, most people aren't going to be so fortunate.
Posted by Colin at 25/01/2007 12:42

# Re: Lexmark Vista driver delays.

Have been using the Vista RTM since Nov, and am in same boat with Lexmark.
I even contacted them, got a nice email back stating that they are working on the drivers i need (x1180) and they will be ready for Vistas release, its now Feb and still no drivers - not happy!
Posted by Andy at 05/02/2007 15:08

# Re: Lexmark Vista driver delays.

Well, I've just checked the website and the drivers I've been waiting for (the Z640) are now available!
Posted by Colin at 05/02/2007 15:48

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