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Old items: Disabling application security on the SPV C550.


Disabling application security on the SPV C550. 

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After setting up my SmartPhone for Exchange ActiveSync I had left it that certificate checking was disabled as I was unable to install my root certificate due to the application lock on the phone not allowing spAddCert to run.
Orange were very helpful putting me in touch with the developers who write a custom app based on your phones IMEI number which should unlock the device security - 'should' being the operative work.
Unfortunately, it looks like the C550 utilises a different locking mechanism as this app didn't succeed in removing the device security. At this point I resigned myself to running the device with certificate checking disabled.
Luckily, Dennis over at MSGoodies has posted about removing the device security from Qtek 8310 WM5 devices and after a bit of research it seems the same process works for SPV C550s. So, with a little trepidation I edited the required registry keys on the SmartPhone and after running an application "SDA_ApplicationUnlock.exe" I have now been able to successfully install my root certificate on the phone.
If you need to do this read Dennis' post here - Solution for adding own root certificates to Windows Mobile 5 devices. (
Created at 03/02/2007 08:21  by Colin Walker 
Last modified at 03/02/2007 08:21  by Colin Walker 
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